My art combines the use of digital imaging/modeling, digital fabrication, and handmade craft. I try to transform the materials I use into visually, technically or conceptually confounding matter that still holds its original material identity. For example, I have been using laser-cut inkjet prints and laser engraved mirrors to create pieces that are visually complex and layered, but function simultaneously as the plain and flat materials they are. When I look at art I rework in my mind how the piece was ostensibly made. I reverse engineer the process of creation through the material evidence left behind. I bring that analytical, obsessive, detail oriented, piecemeal view to my process of creation, where the differences between an inkjet printed vector line and the subtle indentation of a slightly wavering handmade graphite pencil line become some of the visual fodder I like to play with. It is my aim to create spatially complex art that is in conversation with ancient, canonical, modernist, and contemporary ideas of spatiality in art-making.